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The Autumn Wolf Run

Where it all started;
The Autumn Wolf, Warwickshire.

The ancient woodland trails and deep water crossings make this course a favourite for many. High climbing nets, log walls and the famously fast landslide are just a few of the challenges that you will face throughout the 10k course.

Whether you are running or spectating, the mud is something to behold. Coated from head to toe Wolf Runners cross the finish line in front of the crowds to receive their well deserved and collectable Finisher’s Shirt.

There is plenty for friends and family to do and see in the event village, with 5 obstacles accessible to view as well as live footage on the big screen from around the course. A variety of exhibitors, Resident DJ, food stalls and much much more.

Enter the Spring Wolf

This Event’s Partner Charity

Shipston Home Nursing was launched in June 1997. The idea came about from a district nurse in Shipston called Charlie Wells, whose sister died of cancer in May 1992. Penny Birtwell lived in Cherington with her husband Andy and 2 small children George and Beatrice. She remained at home until her death with the terrific support of her amazing family and friends. This was her wish and the experience for all concerned was life changing.

Shipston Home Nursing is a local charity that has been operating since June 1997 in Shipston, Wellesbourne, Kineton and the surrounding villages. We Nurse terminally ill people in their homes, run by a team of 15 qualified Nurses specialising in palliative care. Our Nurses look after the patient and their family for the time required, in their own homes. Over the past 19 years our oldest patient was 102 and our youngest 17 years of age.

Our service is completely free of charge and therefore we have to raise £220,000 to cover our outgoings.

To help our fundraising please go to our Website