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The Winter Wolf Run

The toughest of all Wolf Runs, Winter Wolf 2017 returns to Stanford Hall. Designed for the hardiest of you as a demanding step up embracing the harsh bite of Winter. The once refreshing streams and lakes become brutal and challenging with the ice cold water. This event will help you push yourself to a different level.

Those courageous few who complete all four seasons in 2017 will become Alpha Wolves and are presented with a prestigious medal by our Wolf Run team.

Celebrate with friends and family in our event village and heated marques. Relive the action with indoor TV screens showing live footage from around the course. Hot chocolate stands compliment the usual facilities including Wolf Pack bar, food stalls.

For training tips and information on how best to prepare for a Winter Wolf, click here.

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Winter Wolf FAQs

Do you offer Camping for the Winter Wolf?

The venue does not offer tent pitches on site for the Winter Wolf however the estate has a well-equipped campervan park. Please contact us for more information. The venue offers tent pitches to runners for our June Wolf Run at Stanford Hall.

Is the Winter Wolf likely to be cancelled due to bad weather?

We would not automatically cancel/postpone any run due to bad weather and all but the most uncharacteristically adverse weather would be of little hindrance to the run itself. We reserve the authority to eliminate areas of the course that would be unsafe in bad weather such as a swim section in extremely low temperatures, or woodland in extremely high wind. These decisions could be announced on the morning of the event or even during the run where necessary, but conditions will always be monitored in the build-up and throughout our events.

What running kit should we wear for a Winter Wolf?

This will depend on the days conditions and also how you usually wrap up for running. We suggest that long sleeve tops or base layers are a good idea to keep the chill off and they help to save your arms from scratches too. You will be getting wet and muddy so think about clothing that will not hold the water and become heavy! Warm hats and gloves are a great idea for running on cold days. Remember, you must bring dry warm clothes to change into after the event!

Check out our Wolf Run Shop for ideas on what to wear at the Winter Wolf. We will have our full range of running gear at the event along with last minute essentials such as hats and gloves!

How should I differ my training for a Winter Wolf?

Your basic training should not differ hugely but it is especially important to make sure you have acclimatised to the seasonal weather and that you are used to being exposed to the cold and wet. Assuming you are covering the distance in training, begin to introduce the conditions. Do this responsibly but training with wet clothing and footwear is very important for a cold weather event.

The easiest way to do this is to make sure you go out for a run if it rains and don’t dodge the puddles! Make the most of the wet grass in the park and put some rolls and dynamic core exercises into your shuttles to get your body used to it. If this is a new experience for you, try to train with someone, an instructor and/or with your pack. Remember to warm up well and get into dry warm clothes as soon as you finish. More advice is available on our training page.

Don’t train in deep water without proper supervision.

Any more Questions? Contact the Wolf Run team

This Event’s Partner Charity


Team Rubicon UK is a charity whose primary mission is providing disaster relief to those affected by natural disasters, be they domestic or international. By pairing the skills and experiences of military veterans, first responders, medical professionals, and technology solutions we aim to solve problems where the need is greatest.

Our members are predominantly veterans, we engage them through service projects and training for International and UK disaster responses. Through these service projects and training events their sense of purpose grows and smooth transition to civilian life through community service projects is achieved. Through continued service, Team Rubicon seeks to provide veterans with the three main things they lose after leaving the military: purpose – gained through disaster relief, community – built by serving with others and self-worth from recognising the impact one individual can make.

For more information please visit our website –

To raise money for Team Rubicon and be part of our Wolf Pack, please use this pack code when registering: RUB20164

By signing up and joining the Team Rubicon pack, you are agreeing to allow your details to be shared with the charity so that they may send you a fundraising pack.