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To all those First Time Wolves, we wanted to put something together to give you an idea of what to expect on the day, what to bring with you, and some Wolf Run Do’s and Don’ts, so what better way than asking your fellow wolves who have learnt some stuff the hard way!  

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  • Do wear proper trail shoes, you will need all the grip you can get, to save you slipping on all of the mud! 
  • Do tie your shoelaces really tight and double knot them for extra measure.  The mudsucker loves swallowing trainers and we wouldn’t want yours to be the next victim!
  • Do listen to the marshals! Our marshals have all been briefed and will not only offer you support and encouragement, but will give the best advice on how to tackle the obstacles, so don’t be afraid to ask. They also offer the best muddy hugs and high fives!
  • Do wear light clothing, a Wolf Run technical shirt is ideal.  The technical material is really light meaning it does not become heavy when wet, and dries really quick to avoid you feeling cold on course.
  • Do put your name and number, or email address, inside of your action cam case.  We generally find a couple on course after each event, and if the number is there we can give it back to you straight away.  If not, we take it back to the office, charge it up and have to try and identify you from the footage you have taken, which may take a while.  This saves us the effort but also ensures you get all your pictures and videos straight away!
  • Do bring spectators, and we can’t stress this enough! There is no extra cost and so much for them to do, including the event village, obstacle viewing points, caterers, face painting, children’s entertainment and a DJ.  The atmosphere is one of the best and a really fun day for the family!

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  • Don’t tape your shoes! Some wolves have taped their shoes in the past to ensure they stay tight.  However, this also covers all the grip of your running shoes meaning you are bound to have a few slips on course.
  • Don’t wear cotton t-shirts! Thick, cotton, and baggy clothing will become really heavy on course as soon as it gets wet, whether from rain or the water on course. It will drag you down and also soak up all of your energy.  You don’t want to feel as though you’re running in a weighted outfit! Not only this, but it takes a long time to dry, so if the weather is not on your side, you will feel extremely cold on course.
  • Don’t wear clothing with large open pockets– these will collect all the mud on course and add extra weight.
  • Don’t overthink the obstacles and trust your gut.  Although we do encourage you to challenge yourself, only you know your capabilities and you can avoid the obstacle if you wish. 
  • Don’t wear anything you would be upset about if it broke or got lost.  This includes any gadgets such as fitbits and cameras, but most importantly do not wear jewellery on course.  Some wolves have lost their engagement rings on course, and whilst we have been lucky to find the majority, some were never found, so please remove all jewellery before taking part (unless you want an excuse for an upgrade haha)!

Now, this section comes down to personal choice:

  • Gloves, some wolves swear by gloves, whereas others are completely against them.  Gloves will generally protect your hands throughout the course and provide a better grip at certain obstacles.  Now, as there is a lot of water, it is imperative you look for the correct gloves, a thin, breathable pair, to avoid them filling up with water and becoming heavy and uncomfortable on course.
  • Neoprene layers are also debateable.  Some wolves will always wear neoprene in Winter and Spring to keep the warmth in; however others will simply wear a thin compression baselayer and breathable clothing.
  • Shorts are also down to your personal choice, leggings will obviously protect your knees when crawling, or from brambles and branches that you run past, however shorts are lighter meaning there is less to dry off after every water obstacle. 

What to bring on the day:

  • After the run it is very important that you get your wet clothes off ASAP. After crossing the finish line, head straight to the showers and then go directly to the changing rooms to take those wet and cold clothes off.
  • If you do not want to have a shower, then bring baby wipes, these are one of your best friends! 
  • Don’t forget to bring a set of clean dry clothes to wear post run.  Something warm and cosy is ideal and make sure it is loose clothing, as jeans/leggings can be hard to pull up on damp skin
  • Don’t forget a towel!!
  • Bring a bin bag for your shoes and wet clothes to save your bag and car from getting dirty.
  • Your running shoes will come off straight away so don’t forget to bring some shoes to wear post run, whether it be flip flops or another pair of trainers, be aware they may get a little muddy from the event village so don’t bring your best!
  • You will be cold after your run, so if you don’t have a DryRobe, bring a big coat or even a dressing gown or onesie
  • Ladies, you may want to bring a spare hair bobble just in case it snaps on course

On the day advice:

  • Make sure you’ve had breakfast
  • Turn up early to soak up the atmosphere
  • Hydrate well before the run
  • Find a comfortable pace and stick to it – it is not timed although you can set yourself a target to challenge yourself


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