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2020/21 Wolf Run Events


As we start to get into our ‘new normal’ way of life, we have great hopes that our September event will go ahead. During this lockdown period we have been working on establishing best practices in social distancing, sanitisation, and designing a safe yet challenging course.

Going forward all email communications and social media announcements will be added to our news feed on our website. So if you think you’ve missed a message just go to where you’ll be able to review and check you have everything. It is important that you keep up to date with all the relevant information as the way we normally operate will be very different.

Spring, Summer, and Autumn have now been combined. Having joined these events together, some of you have multiple entries. We have moved some of these multiple entries to April and June next year. We’ve also noticed that some of you may have been running with different packs at each event, and although we’ve moved your personal entry to say April or June 2021, your packs have remained in September. If you were due to run with more than one pack let us know as we can join all these together.

Event registration/collection of runner pack will change. When your start time is sent out, you will be required to sign the disclaimer online and update your personal information.

So we have some housekeeping to do with your help and preferably by 1st July. If you can:-

You can do this through your profile

Let us know if there should be any changes to your run dates.

Let us know the pack/packs that you need to run with.

If you have created ‘fake’ email addresses to make the online entry quicker for your pack, then please update the information so that each runner has their own unique email address assigned to them. This will be REALLY IMPORTANT for the purpose of electronically signing the disclaimer, which will need to be signed by the individual concerned. If the disclaimer is not signed the runner pack will not be posted out. Runners will need to arrive ready to run and runner packs will be posted out to enable this. There will be more information nearer the time regarding the event day. You can edit your entry here

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and we look forward to seeing you in September.

Best wishes,
Wolf Run Team

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