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2020 Event Deferment/Voucher/Refund Options

2021 Event Dates

Thank you for your patience over the last few weeks, while we have worked to get the system and database ready for your ticket choices.  I am very grateful for the support we have received since the cancellation announcement after what was a difficult decision.  The team and I are excited to crack on with preparations for next year and we look forward to welcoming you.

You can now choose from the following options, what you would like to do with your tickets: 

Option 1: Let us defer your place/s into next year. 
You will automatically move to the season you originally booked for 2020. If you’re happy with the 2021 dates you don’t need to do anything. 

Option 2:  You (or your pack leader) can select to move to any 2021 event of your choice. 
So for example - If you had booked the June event, but the dates don’t work for you, then you can select to change to say, September’s event. You can do this on your profile page here.

Option 3:  You (or your pack leader) can choose to have a credit voucher. 
Perhaps none of next year’s dates work for you or maybe you’re not ready to commit to an event yet. If this is the case you can choose a credit voucher on your profile page here. A ticket code will be generated, which you can then use to enter any event of your choice in the future.

Option 4:  You (or your pack leader) can apply for a refund here.

For those looking to take a refund I would like to kindly ask that if there is ANY way you can hold onto your ticket, it will be a massive lifeline to the Wolf Run and we will be forever grateful.  Like many events we have been heavily impacted by this virus and for us to survive we now need your support, if at all possible.  

We have done everything we can to reduce our costs and overheads and also find grants, loans and alternative income.  I completely understand that some people have been greatly affected by the virus, so if you are also in a desperate situation then we understand that you will apply for a refund. However, if you are able to hold on, as a thank you for your support, we will give you free Gold Membership until the end of 2021, which includes benefits such as large discounts on future events and merchandise along with monthly newsletters containing training advice and offers from our partners.

Next year’s events will see a price increase and of course we will keep your tickets at 2020 prices.

It’s devastating to be in a position where we are unable to put on events but the virus certainly has put things into perspective and I hope you understand our decision.  We live and breathe the Wolf Run but I’m well aware it pales into insignificance to the crisis some people are currently facing.

Best wishes,


Race Director

The Wolf Run 

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