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Age is just a number!

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Age is just a number! 

At the age of 81 Stan Buteux has smashed the previous record of 73 for the oldest person to have completed a Wolf Run. 

He said: “My son asked me to run as he knows I wanted to do a race with him. I normally run half marathons and marathons, I started when I was 58 to keep fit.

I go to the gym every other day and do weights and the treadmill, pressups, pullups etc and focussed on this for the Wolf run.

Two years ago I was diagnosed with cancer and have had 5 operations since to remove various growths, including 1/3 of my right lung.

I haven't stopped training or running but I am not as fast as I was! Not that I ever was.

My son is better than I thought he would be and it was fun to run with him, he took longer to recover than me. I hope you can use this story to inspire others as I believe in fitness and I am so glad to have finished the event. I wear my Wolf run tshirt with pride”

Stan you are an inspiration to us all!

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