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Looking ahead - Breaking News from the Wolf Run Founder, Charlie.

Looking ahead – Breaking News from the Wolf Run Founder, Charlie.

Whilst there are lots of exciting things on the horizon with new venues and obstacles just around the corner, sadly we must announce the end of an era… at the close of this year, the original Wolf Run Territory will be cut in half by the high-speed train project (HS2) and the land is being taken.  Even Alpha lake is being drained.

To clarify, our 2018 April and September events in Warwickshire, will go ahead! However, they will be the last before moving to a new site. We plan to make these final two events at the home of Wolf Run extra special and there are plenty of surprises in store for those seasoned Wolf Runners who think they know what’s coming…

We see this as an opportunity to bring you new and exciting events but the whole team here are obviously upset to lose our home turf and such an iconic wild running venue. The search is on for the best possible Midland's venue to replace Welsh Road Farm in 2019 and beyond.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at Spring Wolf.  

Best wishes,


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