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Our friends at Clif Bar have launched an excellent new series of podcasts – ‘CLIFcast’, which are FREE DOWNLOADS through i-tunes.  Either click on the logo to take you to the download page or go through to the Clif Bar Blog at, where you can tell them what you think about CLIFcast or any other comments on Clif Bar, as they’d love to hear from you.

In the first edition of CLIFcast, you’ll hear about the basics of nutrition. We all love to run and be active, but many of us don’t really know how to eat and drink well in the process. The podcast explores what we should eat, when and how. Do we drink right before a run or during? What should we have after? And, possibly most important of all, what should we not eat.  Have a listen now by clicking on the CLIFcast logo above, and be sure to subscribe to the iTunes feed for updates as there are other editions including Recovery, Hydration and Race Day.

We hope you will find these training ideas and guidance of some use as you plan to join us on the start line!

Further information on CLIF SHOT BLOKS, Energy Gels and Clif Bar available if you Click here


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